mobile grooming van 


Why Use Mobile Grooming

When your pets need to be groomed, there have always been only two choices: lug them to the vet or groomer to have them do it for you, or bathe them yourself at home. Both options can be messy and time consuming.

But now there is a much more convenient way to keep your pets clean mobile grooming services. Mobile groomers are professionally trained and  insured just like the groomers at the salon, but have specially fitted vans that allow them to bathe your pets right in your driveway. So why  switch to a mobile groomer? There are benefits for both you and your pets.


Benefits for You

-You will save time and money because you don't have to take the time or waste gas commuting your pet to the groomer.  Mobile grooming comes to you! 

-Your car will stay clean, especially if you have pets that drool or get car sick. Also many pets that are in need of grooming are shedding a lot on the way to the groomer. You will no longer need to clean and vacuum  your car every time your pets are groomed.

-Some mobile grooming companies will even keep a copy of your house key on file so you don't even need to be home for your grooming appointment.  It's the ultimate convenience - you can go to work and come home to clean,  well-groomed pets!


Benefits for Your Pets

- Getting groomed is usually stressful for pets, especially with animals  who don't like to be transported.  Mobile grooming services significantly reduce the amount of time your pets are out of their home environment.  They can get back into their comfort zones much more quickly, and as a  result will dread grooming appointments less and less.

- Animals who do not tolerate other animals well do best with mobile grooming. Your pet is the only animal in the van, so they will not be confronted with any other animals.

 - Your pet will receive the undivided attention of the groomer the entire time they are being groomed. They will not have to wait in a cage while other animals go first, and there is no chance that they will be burned when left unattended in a cage dryer.

 - The commute is much easier for elderly pets. With just a quick walk to the van in the driveway and back to the house, their grooming session will not leave them feeling exhausted.